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Top 10 Twitter Follows

If I send a snarky tweet, does that make me an angry bird?

Companies love Twitter. Even if you have rejected the social platform thus far, there is no denying it’s a highly-utilized marketing platform. It’s easy to want to ignore Twitter, with all the political discord that takes place on the platform, but we say it’s worth another look. Not only for your marketing efforts but for some much-needed levity in your life!

Since the team at Woodchuck loves to make things fun for our clients, we can’t help but admire a few stand out brands for their ability to make life and marketing a little more fun! Check out these Woodchuck Top 10 brands that you need to follow on Twitter today!


Not only does MoonPie make a tasty marshmallow sandwich, but they rank right up in the top of Twitter accounts that you need to follow! Their clever tweets vary from written book reports on the MoonPie to tips for a safe Fourth of July (that include a reminder not to eat fireworks). Seriously want to hang out with their social marketing department!


Known as America’s Diner (or the only place we eat at 3:00 in the morning), Denny’s has some serious fun on Twitter. Not only are they quick-witted, but their play with imagery is serious GOALS! You have to go to Twitter and zoom in on their pinned tweet and then just try NOT to follow them!


This one might surprise you but even the people at Merriam-Webster like to have fun on Twitter! The best part about this account is that you can actually learn something too! Their words of the day are a great way to boost your party conversation repertoire! (Plus their Twitter cover literally says “#WordsMatter” which makes our content editor VERY happy!)


I mean, outside of a 9-year-old boy, who else can make potty jokes this funny? Their ability to turn every aspect of bathroom issues into humor is unparalleled. So, when you’re sick of all the other crap on social media (see what we did there?), start following Charmin! You’ll be glad you did.


Pop-Tarts can make a seriously delicious tasty treat and some seriously funny tweets! On pop-tarts feed, you’ll find everything from how to warm a pop-tart in your car (think defrost) to life advice for your cat. Who would have thought that a toaster treat could also prove helpful with your frazzled feline? Definitely worth a follow.


We’ve said this before but, if you aren’t following Wendy’s on Twitter, you aren’t living. Their skill to reply to tweets with all things Wendy’s is not to be missed! Legit can’t imagine life without the Wendy’s social marketing gurus in it! You’re welcome!


Old Spice’s bio reads very simply: MUSCLES. SMELLS. LAZERS. COUPONS. GIFS. And they deliver on each of those promises. Much like Charmin, their ability to take a less than desirable subject matter and turn it into humor is amazing. They’re a fun follow and will definitely brighten up your feed.


The only thing that compares to having one of these delicious circles of goodness in your hand is reading Oreo’s tweets. What other cookie do you know that made a special cookie just for International Left-Handers Day? We’ll just let that sink in…


Moosejaw makes me want to relocate just so I can be closer to the heroes who write their content. Fun, light-hearted, and honestly so very true to life, this company takes humor to a whole new level. And it is a level from which you will never want to leave. Again, you’re welcome.


Innocent Drinks is a favorite not only because they give 10% of their profits to charity, but they have some serious humor gurus working their social campaigns. I mean honestly, when they pointed out that the greatest thing about Tuesdays was that it was 6 whole days away from Monday…mind blown! Definitely a worthy part of your Twitter feed.

With its mere 330 million active monthly users, Twitter may not get as much ❤️ as Facebook (2.34 billion monthly active users) but it shall not be ignored! As a marketing company, we love to use the social platform for our clients to promote their brands. Yet scrolling through the above 10 Twitter accounts really does make life worth living.


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