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The Art of Creating Content

Content Creation

We’ve worked with clients from just about every sector in the business world and we have found one great commonality. When developing a website, the hardest part for our clients is the process of developing their content. We love designing fun, new sites, but if it is void of content, the site will go nowhere. This week, we wanted to outline a few basic steps to help you work through a content development strategy for your current or new website.

Just bring it!

The good news about content creation for your site is that the sky is the limit. There is no magic word count for site content. For purposes of Google Search and SEO, content really is king! Our job as professional designers is to create a site that highlights and compliments your content.

Think of your website content like chocolate—the more you have, the better. 🍫

Where to Start?

Start with the main points of your business. A user needs to know the purpose of your site within 6 seconds of landing there or they will move on. Make those 6 seconds count! Your main pages will come from answering two important questions.

What do we do?

What programs/departments/products/segments are within our business?

After you have these main pages, you will expound on each one to develop each page. Remember, nobody knows your business like you do, so go back to the basics when explaining to your users.

Where do we go from here?

Of course, once you have your main pages settled, you will also want to include some ‘standard pages’ like Home, About, and Contact pages. The Home page will be derived from pieces of your main page’s content, and the design (expertly created by web designers like us) will guide users to the expanded content on your main pages. The About and Contact page are straightforward, but still very critical pieces to your site.

You can also choose to include optional pages like a Blog, Testimonial, or Image Gallery, depending on your business. These should only be included as separate pages if they will truly enhance your site and brand.

Great content provides a solid foundation for any website. Knowing where to begin is key to overcoming what can seem insurmountable. With your carefully crafted content and our design expertise, you can be confident that your site is truly representing your brand you’ve worked so hard to create.

If you would like greater detail on creating rock-solid content, check out this handy guide that we have created to make your life just a little easier! Of course, the team at Woodchuck is always happy to help as well. Especially if there is chocolate involved!


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