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10 Tips For Improving SEO

Looking to improve your SEO?

If you are running short on time, but still want to improve your SEO, consider refreshing old blog posts or content that you already have completed on your website.

1. Change any information that’s no longer accurate or relevant.

Watch for key elements like dates or time specific information that can make your information less useful to new users.

2. Replace photos and/or remove any old ones that look dated.

Old photos can quickly turn users off. You can try adding new original photos or find some fresh stock photos to give your old post a new look.

3. Write/optimize title and alt text for all images.

Adding titles and alt tags is a great way to add keywords to your page. Make sure they are relevant to the content and describe the image, include your keyword, and relate to the post content.

4. Rework old page titles to be more SEO-friendly.

Take a look at your old page title to see if you can make it more SEO friendly. Are your keywords still relevant? Is there a better way to add your title and make it more “click-worthy” for the user?

5. Add or optimize subheading text, using keywords when possible.

Subheading titles serve two great purposes by breaking-up your content to make it more visually appealing and adding more SEO keyword opportunities to your page. Adding subheadings or optimizing current headings is a quick way to up your SEO game.

6. Check title tags and meta descriptions for relevance and optimize keywords.

Your title tag and meta descriptions are one of the first things a user sees before they click on the page, so they are relevant for Google bots and readers alike. Check your keywords and try some fresh ideas for wording that may be more enticing to users. Upping your click-through rates will help your overall SEO.

7. Work in additional keywords into posts where appropriate.

Your number one concern above keyword placement should always be to have your content make sense and provide value to the reader. If you can work in a few more keywords without taking away from the content—that is a win-win!

8. Add links to newer pages that relate to your content and check existing links to make sure they are working and relevant.

If you can create more inbound links (links to other pages on your site), you can possibly increase the amount of time users spend on your site! Also, check that any other links in the post work to improve user experience.

9. Add more detail to your content, as Google loves longer, information-rich pages.

According to Backlinko.com, “the average Google first page result contains 1,890 words.” There is a correlation with top-ranking links and the page word count. So, adding more helpful content for your users may just bump your old post up a few spots on Google!

10. Proofread for mistakes.

It’s amazing what you can catch with fresh eyes. Give your old post a fresh look and see if there are any typos, grammar or flow issues that can be improved.
A little spring-cleaning on old posts can go a long way to improve your overall SEO strategy. If you have more questions or would like Woodchuck Arts to help you optimize your content for SEO, give us a call. We are always happy to help!


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