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The GDPR and why you need to care

Take a seat for a second, we are going to school!

If you’ve been online at all as of late, you have read about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It’s quite convoluted but basically, the GDPR is a law that deals with the handling of personal data of European Union (EU) residents. “Great!” you say, “Then I won’t have to worry about this thing as I am sitting here reading this in the good ol’ USA.” Well, that’s where it gets a little sticky.

If you sell to EU residents, this law applies to you, even if you aren’t in the EU. Even if you don’t sell to EU residents, this law still applies to you! If EU residents visit your site, send you a message, or subscribe to your newsletter, you are collecting personal data and therefore, you need to comply. So that pretty much covers everyone on the internet.

In addition to ensuring your privacy policies and notices are crystal clear, the GDPR gives EU residents rights to access their data you have collected, correct errors in any of that data, and request the removal of all their personal data. So not only do notifications need to be clear, but you’ll need to be readily able to comply with the reporting portion as well.

In short form (for those of you we can hear saying “Give me the CliffsNotes version, Woodchuck!”) there are three main takeaways for the GDPR:

You must update terms and conditions to include the GDPR
You must Include a checkbox (not auto-filled) that allows the user to consent to transmission and storage of data
You must provide a means of removing stored personal data

It’s not worth the risk to gloss over the regulations either. You can be fined up to 4% of annual revenue or 20 Million Euros (whichever is greater). So yes, it’s probably worth your time to ensure you are compliant! After all, it is called the WORLD WIDE WEB for a reason! There is always a chance that someone from EU could reach your site and when they do, you must be compliant.

So now what? For current Woodchuck customers that are on one of our maintenance plans, this service is included and is being addressed. If you do not currently hold a maintenance plan with us, give us a call and we can talk about addressing your needs.

We know how much you have put into your business, so let’s make sure you keep it protected!

*It is important to note that this newsletter is our take on GDPR and simply highlights some of the major points. It is not meant to serve as or replace any legal advice. In no way is it meant to serve as a comprehensive guide to or ensures full compliance of GDPR.


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