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Mailchimp’s Group Feature

Did You Know?

Let’s get this monkey off your back*!

If you deliver regular email-marketing campaigns (and you really should) then you probably use an email-marketing platform such as Constant Contact or Mailchimp. As you might have noticed, we use Mailchimp for our email marketing and we wanted to share a cool feature that might just save you time and money!

The group feature allows you to create ONE master list and still have subgroups within the same list…. Why is this awesome? If you have ever had to send the same email to multiple lists, then you already know why! Traditionally, with Mailchimp, you have to duplicate the email and create a new campaign, with the same content, for each mailing list. With the group option, that isn’t necessary. You can assign everyone to the master list and then break into groups for specific email campaigns. One user can even be in multiple groups under the same list! This means less duplication of users and less cost for you! WHOOHOO!

If that isn’t cool enough for you, other website functions have caught on to this feature and now offer group and list integration. You can create one email sign-up form on your website that assigns your new subscriber to the master list, and one or more groups in one fail swoop. You can work features into your form that allows you to see what interests best fit your subscriber’s needs and then send specific emails based on their group assignments. So whether you would like to group subscribers by their company affiliation or if they love the color blue, you can! Then you can send them content that they will appreciate. This improves their experience and adds a personalized value to your content.

With better organization, less duplication, less time, less money and more value, what’s not to love about using Mailchimp groups! If you need help getting started, or you have already tried it, let us know! You might just find it is more fun than a barrel of monkeys*!

*Yes, we know monkeys and chimps aren’t the same, let’s just go with it!


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