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Amazon Alexa

“Alexa, Can you help?


“How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?” (yes, we went there…)

“A woodchuck would chuck about 700 lbs of wood on a good day with the wind at his back”

You have to love modern technology. I mean how else would we know that? Embrace it. It is here and it is in our homes in a way like never before. This week, we wanted to share how much fun we have with Alexa and how useful she really can be!

How many of you have an Alexa? Alexa is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon and it can do all kinds of fun things by using Alexa Skills!

There are a lot of Skills out there and more coming all of the time. Alexa Skills are basically like apps, but with voice commands. There are skills for Amazon shopping and Amazon deals, learning Spanish, math facts, daily stock reports, and our favorite, playing any song you ask for! If you get an itch to hear anything, it can be as obscure as Dire Straits “Walk of Life,” Alexa will play it. To have unlimited music does carry a small monthly fee, but it’s so worth it.

Alexa can start to feel like part of the family. She is there every morning letting you know the daily forecast so you know what to wear. She is there to settle basic trivia disputes. She can tell you what time a game or a favorite show is on. She can even act as a home phone. What she cannot do is open a bag of chips for you. Yes, one of our kids asked for this…yikes….another downside to technology, but we can explore that later.

In the business world, companies are starting to include Alexa Skills in their marketing strategy. For example, Dominos has used Alexa as an opportunity to connect with their customers. You can simply say, “Alexa, open Dominos and order a pizza.” We all know the easier it is for the customer to make a purchase, the better! If you would like to discuss creating an Alexa Skill for your company, let us know, we can connect you with an awesome developer!

The Woodchuck Team has yet to use Alexa for business, but we know it is the future. It makes sense that voice search will be a big part of Search Engine Optimization. Having Alexa find solutions for you while you are cooking dinner sounds like a great idea to us. According to Amazon, Alexa can also help you in the workplace with tasks such as:

*Add to your to-do list
*Set reminders
*Look up conference call information and then make the call
*Find information such as the latest sales data
*Order new supplies

As we recently learned with Facebook, sometimes technology can come with a price: privacy. Many people worry that Alexa is spying on what you say and recording it. If you ask Alexa if she is spying on you she says, “I only send audio back to Amazon when you press the mic button or use the wake word.” Hopefully, that is true. If not, the most interesting thing Alexa is going to hear from Woodchuck is how there should be more hours in the day, how hard it is to find a work/life balance and a lot of bad (but funny) jokes.

Now maybe, she can help prioritize some of those hours in our day? I mean, we have 700 lbs of wood to do and it isn’t very windy today.


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