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Brand Color Palettes

Create a Color Palette

If you are starting a brand or re-branding, one important design element to think about is color.

According to elleandcompanydesign.com –

“60% of people will decide whether or not they’re attracted to a message based on color alone. How you use color also affects the visibility of your brand and reinforces brand recognition by up to 80%.”

The possibilities are endless, how can you decide?

Pick one color to start with. It is helpful to use the psychology of color to pick colors that best reflect your company values and goals.

This is from lousiem.com with a few more traits added in from us:

White: Cleanliness, Purity, Simplicity, Modern
Yellow: Happiness, Warmth, Caution, Positivity
Orange: Affordable, Creative, Fun, Extrovert
Red: Action, Passion, Danger
Pink: Gentle, Romantic, Grateful
Purple: Expensive, Mysterious, Spiritual, Royalty
Blue: Authoritative, Serene, Dignified, Secure
Green: Renewal, Healing, Money,
Brown: Calm, Natural, Serious, Sturdy
Grey: Corporate, Practical, Somber
Black: Classic, Formal, Bold, Sophistication

This is a place to start, but there are other things to consider. For example, purple can evoke expensive, mysterious and spiritual, however, it can also invoke a fun or child-like feeling.

See the two purples. One invokes the feeling of 1980’s roller rink gear and one conveys calm, spirituality, etc.

Both could make sense for a business, it just depends on what it is. I would certainly not use the left purple for my new spa.

When creating a palette, this formula generally works. To show you how this can work, we will walk you through Woodchuck Arts current re-brand! We are updating our website and in the process will be creating a new color palette.

1. Start by selecting the main color. We decided to utilize our black and white logo and go from there. White will be our main color.

2. Add a neutral color. The grey with a hint of blue in it will act as our neutral.

3. Add two pop colors, one specifically for a call to action. The cornflower blue is our next pop of color and the green will be used for call-to-actions. (A call to action (CTA) is a prompt on a website that tells the user to take some specified action) For example, the buttons on our website will be green.

Quick Tip: Don’t follow a color trend so much you aren’t being true to your brand.

Let’s take a look at the recent Taco Bell rebrand. Although minimalistic logos with muted colors are a trend right now, this rebrand is not a winner in our opinion. We associate tacos with Mexico, a country known for it’s gorgeous, vibrant colors. Why take that away? Taco Bell’s old color palette made sense with their bold flavor profile. We don’t think that this new color palette works for their brand or for their tagline, “Live Mas.” In our opinion, more color or pop, not less!


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