Website Development

So you have decided that you need a website! Now what? You only get one chance to make a first impression so let’s get going by thinking through a few basic questions about website development:

  • What are the goals for your website? Yes, you should have some site goals. Do you want to increase sales, provide information, or at the very minimum just produce an online presence so customers, business partners or maybe potential employees can learn about your business?
  • Where are you going? Things move fast on the web. Think about the future of your business while you are formulating your web plan. After all the time and energy you put into your site, you don’t want it to be googled-going-gone in three months’ time.
  • How will you find the time? Developing a solid site presence takes work! The good news is the Woodchuck Arts Team lives and breathes to help you do that work! How much extra time do you have to update, post new content, edit, and add quality photographs? Take a deep breath! We are here to help and have many options to help you through all of that.

Dig a little deeper

Your website is the foundation of your online presence. Google had over 5 billion searches per month in 2012. If you do not have a website or your website does not reflect the quality of your business, you are losing potential customers. Google search is the #1 way that consumers find a business and when they find it, your website needs to give a good first impression. Remember the 6 second rule in web design; within that amount of time, a potential customer should know what the purpose of your website is. Your web real estate is just as important as your business or home real estate. It needs to look great as well as provide functions so that you are able to meet all of your online business goals. Woodchuck Arts would love to help you create and maintain your web presence as well as anything else you need, such as social media or SEO.

The look and feel of your website is what will initially grab visitors. Color scheme, information flow, and quality web artwork are important factors that we take into consideration. What really makes any website have an extra “punch” is great graphics, photographs, and imagery! Adding some custom artwork to your website can be a great way to give your current website a fresh look or improve your social media presence.

Website Development

All sites will be responsive. Your site will look great on all mobile devices.
Any RSS, email marketing and social media buttons and links.
Contact form
Custom background
Custom header
WordPress Platform
Mobile Ready
Initial Web Development – Website Set-Up – $1900.00

Website Artwork

Web banners – $50
Coupons – $50
ECards – $50
Social media header image – $50 for one platform.

Pages – $50 each. Each page includes one stock photo.
Extra Stock Photos – $5 per photo. We will find them for you. We will put any photos you provide in your webpages at no charge. This is included as content.
Image Slider – with one custom slide – $100
Additional Slides – $50
eCommerce – Initial Installation- $1000, which includes up to 5 products. (Includes basic shipping, taxes and payment portal setup.)
Additional Products – $10
Specialty Page Animation– Starting at $500
Email accounts – $20 for 5 emails. If you host with us, the first 5 mails will be included.
Gallery – Pricing will depend on the type of gallery and number of images.
Forms – Starting at $150.
Web Content Consulting – $65/hour

WEB Maintenance

Once you have a site, we are happy to help you care for it!

Find out more about our Maintenance Plans