What an honor it is to work with US Gym Products, not only because it is a great company that serves some of the Nation’s largest universities, gyms, and museums, but because they have an unrivalled business philosophy: Make it exceptional!

US Gym Products specializes in custom gym designs and equipment installations. They supply high quality gymnastics and cheerleading equipment, provide unparalleled customer service, and they offer the best-in-the-business pricing. Exceeding customer’s expectations is a given for the team at US Gym Products and they stand behind their products and workmanship. With over 12 years of experience in the industry, US Gym Products provides a solid foundation to support their clients through every step of the process.

Woodchuck Arts completely enjoys working with US Gym Products on their social media campaign as well as fine-tuning their SEO. Learning their business from the inside and recognizing the passion US Gym Products has to serve their clients beyond expectations, only fuels our team’s desire to help them grow and fulfill their mission.

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