It is truly a privilege to work with BCN (Bliss Clearing Niagara) Technical Service Inc. located in Hastings, MI.  The Bliss, Clearing, and Niagara trade names have been well known in the metal stamping press industry for over 100 years. Their deep rooted history began in 1857 when E.W. Bliss built his first presses on contract in Connecticut.

BCN focuses on the aftermarket for stamping press repair by producing quality OEM parts, stamping press rebuilds, component rebuilds as well as on-site service to repair several different brands.The Hastings facility offers sales of spare parts, engineering for stamping press repair, press rebuilds and press modifications. They also offer Torc-Pac repair, rebuilds and exchange. Their exemplary field service and inspection capabilities are unparalleled.

Bliss Munitions Equipment has been a trusted supplier of munitions equipment to the ammunition manufacturing industry for over 200 years. Bliss provides state of the art solutions for ammunition manufacturing requirements that will produce the best and will last for decades.

Many things have changed in the industry since Bliss built his first press, but the superior quality, service, and support provided by BCN remains unchanged.

Woodchuck Arts was presented with the opportunity to create a new website for BCN that remained consistent with the Schuler Group’s brand. The design was to be a clean look with the necessary functionality required for industry users. Woodchuck was also honored to work closely with BCN to construct their history book that shared the rich and thorough history of this significant institution. Woodchuck Arts continues to enjoy working BCN on various projects and tasks that will help propel this industry leader well into the future.

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