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Editing and Content Creation WritingIt is pretty plain and simple. You can produce a shiny new web presence, but if it doesn’t contain accurate and valuable content, it can reduce a reader’s engagement and could diminish your credibility. We know how much time and energy you put into your organization, but poorly written content or simple grammatical errors can overshadow the great work you are trying to produce. The team at Woodchuck Arts is devoted to producing a premium product by offering our editing and content creation services. (So, if the geeky tech talk that we love so much isn’t the first thing that we open with at a party, we always have our love for the minutiae of editing to fall back on!)

The team at Woodchuck Arts also provides editing and content creation services for your next big writing venture. We have consulted on a number of writing projects from simple editing assignments, to complete content formation for corporate history books. Editing is a critical step when producing any materials for your organization. Let our team help you compile, create, and polish your work to maintain that shiny image you have worked so hard to build!


We live in an online world. What your organization presents to that world matters! We have all visited those webpages that link to the unreadable, blurry, outdated copies of manuals or other important documents. Your organization deserves better! Converting your hardcopy manuals or outdated documents to a digital copy can increase efficiency and usability. This not only benefits site users who are searching these materials, but it also benefits your organization internally! Now that is a win-win! There are numerous benefits to digitization:

  • Increase in general readability.Older manuals and books are sometimes damaged and hard to read, wasting your company’s valuable time. By reformatting old text into a new digital version, information will become easier to read, increasing speed and accuracy.
  • Enlarge small print.Often charts, graphs, tables, and prints are small and difficult to read. Digitizing old charts allows you to enlarge these sections on your computer or device so that they are much easier to read. This will not only save time, but will reduce mistakes from misreading.
  • Search content digitally. A digital format allows you to get to the source of the issue quickly. The ability to search in Microsoft Word will make it easier to find the specific subject you need in your document, allowing you to solve problems more efficiently.
  • Reprint and share files with others. Sharing digital versions of your manuals or materials with other locations or customers is as simple as sending an email or linking the document to your site. 
  • Adjust branding and marketing standards. As you update your brand, you can adjust document formatting and style to keep with your company’s current standards.
  • Cross platform applications. Digital manuals or documents can also benefit your online presence. Placing your content on your website can help new customers find you through keyword searches.
  • Efficient storage. Storing documents digitally will help your company save space.

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